Testez la performance d’un serveur web

apt-get install openload

openload https://www.agent-secret.org 5
(5 répresente le nombre de clients simulés)

Tapez enter pour sortir

MaTps: a 20 second moving average of TPS.
Tps: (Transactions Per Second) is the number of completed requests during that second.
Resp Time: the average response time in seconds for the elapsed second.
Err: the percentage of responses that was erronous, i.e. didn’t return a HTTP 200 Ok staus.
Count: the total number of completed requests.
Total TPS is the average TPS for the whole run, i.e. (Total completed requests) / (Total elapsed time).
Avg. Response time: the overall average response time in seconds.
Max Response time: the highest response time during this run.

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